Blake Griffin Got Brutally Body Checked On A Fast Break In New Orleans

  • Eric Goldschein

Blake Griffin is used to flying above the rim. He is not used to being run into at full speed and sent flying. But Jason Smith wasn’t looking to get posterized, so he did the second thing instead. Blake went down, the rest of the Clippers went after Smith, and Smith was eventually ejected. He’ll probably get suspended, too.

Smith tried to play it off like an accident, but replays show he was clearly trying to take Griffin out. The aftermath spills over into the stands, as Chris Paul and company go after Smith and basically tell him “Hey, man, I disagree with your actions,” but in much stronger language.

The kicker: Smith pumping up the crowd afterwards. What is he thinking there, exactly? That flagrant fouls are cool? That Blake Griffin deserves to get levelled? Not sure what the thought process was there, but we wouldn’t want to be Smith the next time these two teams get together.

Looks like the Hornets are drawing inspiration from their NFL brethren.

…Too soon?