Blake Griffin Douses Fan With Water, Claims It Was Accidental. We Are Very Skeptical (VIDEO)

  • Rick Chandler

In case you missed it on Saturday, Blake Griffin had a craptastic (for him) effort against the Warriors in Game 1, fouling out after 19 minutes with 16 points. After collecting his sixth foul, Griffin stealthily dumped a cup of water into the face of a Warriors fan who was cheering his departure.

So wrong, and so hilarious, on so many levels.

Afterward Griffin said it was all an accident, that the cup “wasn’t full” and that he apologizes, but it was “just water.” In other words, it was totally on purpose.

Own your water tossing, Blake. It’s not that serious. As for the fan, his name is Justin Wolf, and he reportedly thought it was inadvertent, and refreshing. The guy sitting next to him, however, disagrees.