“Classless?” Memphis Fans Booed Blake Griffin When He Went Down With A Knee Injury

  • Dan Fogarty

Fair or foul, America? Because, on the one hand, Blake Griffin has been flopping a bit during LA’s opening round playoff series with Memphis, so when he went down clutching his knee in Wednesday night’s Game 5, many a Grizz fan might have assumed he was overselling it.

Then again, clutching your knee after hitting the floor is a bit different than holding your face after a questionable foul, and we’ve already seen another of the game’s young superstars suffer a torn ACL under similar circumstances. Nobody wants to see an injury, heated playoff series or not.

So, did the Memphis fans go a few steps too far when they booed Blake Griffin last night? Or were they within their rights as home fans in the midst of a do-or-die elimination game? I’m going with the former.

Here’s video of the incident. The boos occur around the 1:50 mark. TNT’s Chris Webber was not amused.