VIDEO: Blake Griffin’s Kia Commercial Released

  • Dan Fogarty

NBA rookie Blake Griffin‘s dunk over a car has been turned into a commercial. We knew this would happen for some time (and apparently, so did Griffin), and we now have video of the finished product.

The commercial is a slowed-down version of Griffin’s dunk over the hood of a Kia from last weekend’s Slam Dunk contest. The tagline “Not your average dunk, not your average midsize sedan” plays upon the dunk’s completion.

After a full page ad in this morning’s USA Today, Griffin’s dunk, which was just premiered on his Facebook page, will be airing during tonight’s slate of NBA games. According to CNBC’s Darren Rovell, the deal was a one and done for Griffin, but he and his management team are discussing a possible, longer-term partnership with Kia.

Also of note: Griffin will be auctioning off the car he dunked over, and donating the proceeds to a charity in honor of his friend and high school teammate, Wilson Holloway, who passed away last week.

Watch video of Blake Griffin’s Kia commercial here: