Another Day, Another Set Of Blake Griffin Monster Dunks

  • Tom Lorenzo

Yet again we have not one, but two Blake Griffin throw-downs worthy of your attention. These came from yesterday’s battle between the Clippers and the Spurs. The amazing thing about these dunks is that neither came courtesy of Chris Paul.

That’s right, it’s hard to believe that someone other than Paul can set Griffin up, but, behold, Mo Williams and Eric Bledsoe got in on the action on Saturday. Williams tossed a near-midcourt alley-oop to Griffin, allowing him to go up and over three San Antonio defenders. Later, Bledsoe lead a break, tossing the ball through his legs for a lengthy dunk.

It’s getting to the point where it wouldn’t feel natural if we went through an entire Clippers game without at least one Griffin highlight. Even with all this Linsanity going on, Griffin is still finding ways to get our attention.

Here’s the alley-oop:

The between the legs pass from Bledsoe (the call itself might be worthy of a post):