The Moment Blake Griffin Realized He Could Turn His Finger Roll Into A Dunk Is Mesmerizing

  • Eric Goldschein

Perhaps you’re familiar with the concept of Blake Griffin dunking the ball — he’s something of a prodigy at doing it. We have dozens of posts about him performing said feat, and each one is seemingly better than the last. And if you think Blake doesn’t know how synonymous he is with the “dunk,” check out this breakaway slam against the Lakers last, in which Blake looks to be going for a lay-up, only to remember: “Oh, wait, I’m Blake Griffin. I dunk!”

Again, seeing Griffin throw it down while someone on the other team watches in near-horror (in this case, fan favorite Dwight Howard) is nothing new. But when Griffin takes off from just inside the key here, he appears at first to be going for the lay-up. Is it because he thinks Howard will contest the shot? Did he jump too far from the hoop, at too strange an angle, to feel comfortable throwing it down? Well, no matter — he realizes in mid-air that he’ll be able to dunk it anyway. And you can actually see the exact moment for yourself:

The rotating wrist is one thing, but check out the face: A combination of surprise, joy and perhaps awe with himself. Needless to say, we’re right there with you, Blake. We’ve watched this video like 18 times already.

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