Blake Griffin Dunked Off A Pass From Himself, Because At The All-Star Game You Do That Sort Of Thing

  • Glenn Davis

Hey, the NBA All-Star Game was last night. You know what that means: not much defense (final score: West over East, 143-138). And you know what that means: great players doing ridiculous things on offense, unencumbered by the efforts of opponents. Often, these easy points manifest themselves in the form of dunks, because the All-Star Game is nothing if not a couple hours of pure showmanship, and it doesn’t get much more showy in basketball than giant dunks. And with all that in mind, Blake Griffin, one of basketball’s premier dunksmen, went to work:

That was his most highlight-worthy play of the night, but it wasn’t the only one. When Griffin wasn’t throwing passes to himself, he was on the receiving end of his trademark lob finishes (literally, “Lob City” is trademarked, though not by Griffin himself). This time, though, Chris Paul wasn’t throwing it – though someone who also plays in L.A. was:

For one night, Kobe got to have the feeling of playing with players from a winning L.A. team. Well, Dwight Howard was there too, we guess. But you just know he envies Chris Paul for being able to do stuff like this with Griffin every night.