Blake Griffin Gets A Taste Of His Own Medicine From Golden State

  • Joe Levine

If you missed this one from January 2, you’re in for a treat.

The Los Angeles Clippers are known across the league as Lob City, a nickname afforded them for their propensity to throw alley-oops to athletic big men Blake Griffin and Deandre Jordan. With the Lob City nickname has come a certain cockiness, one that often goes on full display when one of said lobs is completed: posturing on the court, over-exuberance on the bench, a home crowd that goes nuts. It’s quite a sight.

That’s why for haters of the Clippers, this play on January 2 in Golden State was extra sweet.

Watch as Blake Griffin gets a taste of the Lob City treatment from the Warriors bench and fans after his wide open three-point attempt hits the side of the backboard in embarrassing fashion.

It doesn’t matter what else happens this year, this is my top moment from the 2012-13 season.