Blake Griffin Hits Circus Shot over T-Wolves, T-Wolves Continue To Be Unluckiest Team Ever

  • Glenn Davis

Yeah, the Timberwolves have a disappointing record this season (they’re 17-25 overall after last night’s 96-90 loss to the Clippers), but you can’t pin it all on them – it’s hard to remember a team with worse injury luck. Ricky Rubio missed the first month and a half of the season as he recovered from a knee injury. Kevin Love broke his hand, then re-broke it. Brandon Roy’s knee did what Brandon Roy’s knee does (OK, maybe that one wasn’t bad luck so much as the inevitable happening). Chase Budinger is out for months. Nikola Pekovic missed some games recently, leaving Minny with a decimated frontcourt. No area of the team has gone unaffected.

But last night, the T-Wolves were closer to full strength, with Pekovic back, and they pushed the Clippers, one of the best reams in the NBA, right to the end. With 30 seconds left, the T-Wolves were down by just three, very much alive. They played tight defense on Blake Griffin – so much so that they fouled him. But at least they kept him from an easy baske-

Will anything go these guys’ way? Look at poor Rubio:

That kind of year for the T-Wolves, we guess. (Griffin made the free throw. Obviously.)

Video via CJ Fogler