“Oh God The Horror”: The Best Reactions To The Bobcats’ Historically Bad Game

  • Glenn Davis

The most amazing thing isn’t that the Bobcats lost to the Thunder by 45 points last night – it’s that in reality, the game wasn’t even that close. During the latter stages of the game, it was end of the bench vs. end of the bench. Thunder rookies Perry Jones and Jeremy Lamb, who don’t even get on the floor at all in half the Thunder’s games, played a combined 31 minutes. No starter on either team played more than 27. By the end of the game, each team was biding time.

Before that, though, while the game was competitive (well, using “competitive” loosely): things were ugly. Well, more than that: things hardly even registered as being real. As I mentioned here, when I first checked the score, it was 84-35. It looked like a misprint. And that wasn’t even the worst of it. Earlier in the third quarter, it was 79-25. A team of professional basketball players was losing 79-25. If you need to see it for yourself, here’s the play by play. If you’re a Bobcats fan or just a fan of good basketball, it was horrifying to behold.

And that’s why you had people reacting like this as it went on. Some couldn’t contain their despair:

…while others schemed to get the Bobcats out of their lives:

Some used the time-honored tactic of dealing with a traumatic event by making jokes:

But mostly, people just shook their heads:

As for the Thunder themselves? They preferred to downplay the whole thing.

Because sometimes, the results say everything.

AP photo, by Sue Ogrocki