An Unsatisfied Boris Diaw Managed To Commit Not One, But Two Charging Fouls On One Play

  • Dylan Murphy

Missing six of their top players, the San Antonio Spurs were barely edged out by the Miami Heat last night 105-100. The ploy by Gregg Popovich pushed dictator Stern to an irrational preemptive strike announcing “substantial sanctions.”

However one regular contributor, Boris Diaw, did play, and he played rather poorly, scoring 12 points in 38 minutes and logging a dreadful +/- of -17. He also picked up two personal fouls, one of the offensive variety. But that offensive foul, which was a charge, was unlike all other charging fouls, mostly because he committed two charging fouls in one play. Though only one of the charges was called, Diaw clearly barrels over Chris Bosh before referee blew the whistle for barreling over Udonis Haslem.

Chris Bosh is a known flopper, so that may have kept the whistles in the mouths of the referees. But either way, the Diaw-Bosh collision is either a charge or a block. The cop out no-call is more reflective of referee indecision than an actual no-call, so the referee was wrong, in his effort to avoid being wrong.

In terms of Diaw, you’d think one charge would be enough, but no. Boris Diaw is a hungry basketball player.