Brad Miller Cried As He Came Out Of His Final NBA Game, And It Was Fantastic

  • Dan Fogarty

There’s a type of crying that isn’t allowed in sports (we call this the “Chris Bosh Locker Room Sniffle Sub-Division”), and there’s a type of crying that is allowed in sports (the “Vernon Davis Power Hug/Male Wail Hall-of-Fame”). Last night, Brad Miller was indoctrinated into the latter, and his Hall-of-Fame jacket was made of tears. A man’s tears.

Miller, the well-traveled big man and 2-time All-Star, ended his career last night in Minnesota. But not before hitting one last three.

And when it was finally time to come out, it all hit Miller at once.

Yes, we’d classify getting misty over 14 years of a job well done as the type of crying that’s acceptable in sport.