Brandan Wright Throws Down The NBA’s First Functional Windmill Jam

  • Eric Goldschein

Normally, a windmill jam is a bit of showboating. The guy who does it is usually alone on a breakaway, and wants to put an exclamation point on a game-breaking run, or to provide a lone highlight for a disappointing night. But Brandan Wright of the Mavericks may have given us the first necessary windmill jam in NBA history. The Jason Terry lob was a little off, so Wright made the adjustments, and the result was fantastic.

It’s a mini-windmill, but still: this dunk is so good, not even the presence of Yi Jianlian can spoil it. He seems to be awfully beloved in Dallas — everyone clings to him in happiness after Wright throws it down.

This play should be worth at least four points. Unfortunately, it was only worth two, and Lamarcus Aldridge took advantage of that, hitting a game-winning jumper for the Blazers to down the Mavs in OT.

h/t The Hoop Scene