Derek Fisher Done With Playing Basketball, Will Try To Teach It To The Knicks Instead

  • Eric Goldschein

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Seen above: J.R. Smith grabbing a handful of Derek Fisher’s nuts. It will be Fisher’s job next year to teach Smith not to do that.

Looks like Phil Jackson is going to get his man, after previously not getting his man. Derek Fisher, who just got done playing basketball for the Oklahoma City Thunder, will move to New York City and become the head coach of the Knicks, according to several reports:

In the end, Fisher got the same deal that fellow first-time coach Steve Kerr received from Golden State. It’s an incredible amount of money for a rookie coach — Fisher will make more next year than Tom Thibodeau, widely considered one of the league’s best. But when you’re friends with the head counselor, you get to go out behind the cabin and smoke cigarettes with him after everyone else goes to sleep, or something.

Jackson got exactly what he wanted here: A dude who he knows well, who knows the triangle well and he can manipulate mentor from the comfort of his office. Is Jackson just going to built Lakers East over here? Fisher’s on the bench, Lamar Odom’s in town, Rick Fox might join the staff… hell, Kobe Bryant could be on his way too. There are worse franchises to emulate, I suppose.

He’s got his work cut out for him — this isn’t a Kerr in Golden State, or even Jason Kidd in Brooklyn situation. Fisher is potentially entering his first year as coach with a roster built around J.R. Smith and Andrea Bargnani. He reportedly assembling a veteran coaching staff around him, which helps. But until serious roster moves are made, this is still a rebuilding team, with a rebuilding coach. Hey, at least the Knicks finally have a winner on the roster.

Let’s see some reactions from Twitter: