BREAKING: LeBron James Leaves Another Guy Hanging

  • Glenn Davis

Oh, LeBron. You didn’t need to do this. This wasn’t like last time in Denver, when you’d won the game and the only way people could get their making-fun-of-LeBron fill was if you left some random guy hanging. This was a loss – and a loss to the Wizards, at that! You even generously missed a couple late threes, giving people a (stupid) excuse to (stupidly) revisit the (stupid) narrative about you not being “clutch.”

No, you didn’t need to leave another high five unreturned to inspire some good ol’ LeBron trash talk. But you’re a giving soul, LeBron, so you did this anyway:

Sure, sure, big important NFL sensation Robert Griffin is worthy, but guy you don’t know in a Sean Taylor Pro Bowl jersey? Like he’s not even there. Of course, in fairness, maybe this guy was coming on a little too strong. Reddit user tgeezy noticed this moment on TV, post-LeBron dap denial:

The plight of a man desperately seeking recognition from famous people. Oh well – it did look like the guy exchanged a few words with RGIII, for what it’s worth. And for those of you who prefer the moment in video form: