Thunder Possibly Screwed: Russell Westbrook Will Undergo Surgery For A Torn Meniscus, No Timetable Announced For Return

  • Eric Goldschein

Did the Oklahoma City Thunder just get derailed? Their star point guard, the Robin to Kevin Durant’s Batman (the Pippin to his Jordan; the McCartney to his Lennon; the jelly to his peanut butter etc. etc.), their fiery leader and all-around excellent player, Russell Westbrook, needs surgery on his knee.

The report comes from Royce Young on Twitter:

(Here’s what went down between Westbrook and Beverly in Game 2.)

Obviously, we’ll have no idea how long Westbrook will be out until the grade of the tear is revealed. In some cases, i.e. Metta World Peace, the recovery time is short. But usually something like this takes weeks, or months, to heal. That will make finishing off the Rockets — not to mention any second or third round matchup — hugely difficult. The Thunder are the good team, but losing your second-best (and, depending on the night, best) player is devastating, especially when the goal was to beat the Heat and win the championship.

Westbrook has never missed a game in his five year career. Suffice to say, this was not the best time to break that streak.

The general reaction of Thunder fans, as well as anyone who likes good basketball:

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