This May Be The Most Athletic Play Of Brian Scalabrine’s Life

  • Glenn Davis

It’s a scientifically-proven fact that white benchwarming NBA players become crowd favorites more easily than any other type of player. Perhaps the best example of this category of player: the Bulls’ Brian Scalabrine, a.k.a. The White Mamba. And just think: Scalabrine gets that kind of reception when he so much as enters a game. When he actually makes a good play? And when the player he victimizes on that play is Kris Humphries? Forget it:

See, even the announcers can’t resist. And this wasn’t the delighted crowd’s only glimpse of Scalabrine last night: he played 23 minutes in the Bulls’ 110-95 win, chipping in five points, three rebounds, and four assists. Breakout stardom, we reckon, is just around the corner. Also, that video above, if you’ll notice, was uploaded by the NBA’s official Youtube account. Give the league credit for knowing what the people want.