Brian Scalabrine Wants To Help You Save Money On Your Electric Bill

  • Eric Goldschein

Semi-ironic basketball player Brian Scalabrine is, by all accounts, a good dude. Not a good ball player, mind you, but a nice guy who distributes quality high fives and is given a few garbage time minutes every once in awhile, because, what the hell, why not. Now he’s really trying to give us a hand by starring in a viral video for a website that wants to help lower your electric bill. It’s dumb. But hey, thanks for the tip, Brian.

Power2Switch is an organization that informs people about electricity deregulation. And what better way to impart this helpful new information than by having Brian Scalabrine pretend to be good at things like parkour and telekinesis?  (The message being that, if Brian Scalabrine can suddenly become good at basketball, then why can’t you become better at using electricity? Maybe?)

It’s evident that this site — which, it should be honestly noted, has a good cause — spent about two seconds working on this concept and getting the proper sound and video equipment together. But what’s more important: sound quality, or having a large, bearded man scream out “White Mamba!!!” over and over? Don’t answer that.

Some athletes star in videos that humanize them with comedy. Others do funny things (seemingly) for the hell of it. Scalabrine does energy deregulation. Figures.

h/t Buzzfeed