The Brooklyn Nets’ PR Department Is Leading In The Obscure Stat Department

  • Jordan Rabinowitz

The Brooklyn Nets defeated the Milwaukee Bucks at home Tuesday night, 113-111, thanks to same late heroics from Joe Johnson.

Not lost on any vigilant Nets fan was the Nets’ 32-22 record and the fact that they have won all five overtime contests they’ve played in this season.

But that could have been found by any poor stat-seeking schlub. In an effort to dig up some of the more obscure stats after the game, the Nets PR department pulled out the big guns. I don’t know the caliber of researcher they have over there at the Barclays Center, but it’s clear they only recruit the best and brightest. The big find:


[This is where we are supposed to credit @Nets_PR for the stats, but I just don’t feel like that’s appropriate, Getty Images]