America: Is This The Greatest Wedding Reception Intro You’ve Ever Seen?

  • Dan Fogarty

Yes, that’s famed Bulls PA announcer Ray Clay doing the intros for the Jaquette and Perkins wedding reception in beautiful Estes Park, Colorado this past weekend (our invite was lost in the mail, but thank God for YouTube!). You know Clay as the man who worked the intros during Chicago’s Jordan-led 90s run — yes, he’s the “And nowwww… your… Chicago Bulllllls!” guy — and don’t worry: that same, fantastic background music you know and love from 15 years ago is prominently featured.

No word on if the groomsmen and bridesmaids played a quick game to 21 immediately following this introduction, although we wouldn’t blame them if they did. Mr. Clay’s voice has a tendency to make you want to run through a brick wall. [Deadspin]