Like The Original, “Call Me KD” Is Irritatingly Catchy

  • Eric Goldschein

The band behind this OKC-version of “Call Me Maybe” — which has already been covered and parodied to death by a variety of people — must really love the Thunder. This cover features excellent instrumentation, clever lyric-reworkings, and even a rapper. Sure, the rapper’s not very good, BUT HE LOVES THE THUNDER.

Before watching this, be sure you’re up to date on all the parodies of this song. There’s the lazy (but adorable! Or so I’m told, but then again I’m an idiot and a douchebag) Harvard baseball version. There’s the Miami Dolphins cheerleader version (enough said). There’s that clip of former Secretary of State Colin Powell laying down a few bars. And be sure to watch “Beard Like Harden,” and the antithesis to this OKC-themed parody, “Young, Wild & Heat.”

Alright, are you all caught up? Have you run the gauntlet of sports-themed parodies of pop songs? Then you are ready for another take on Carly Rae Jepsen’s smash hit, complete with beautiful harmonizing and a sweet-looking turquoise guitar:

It’s impossible to hate on a group of people so passionate for their basketball team, and it’s equally difficult to not appreciate the effort that went into this. So, even though it’s totally played out, this video gets 648,000 points (we are playing by “Whose Line Is It Anyway?” rules).

(EXCEPT: Did he say “So glad we drafted Fish”? Because that would be a false statement, worth a loss of 212,500 points.)

h/t BroBible