Can Someone Ban F-ing Rihanna From Oracle Arena, Please?

Can Someone Ban F-ing Rihanna From Oracle Arena, Please?
  • Rick Chandler

First of all, Rihanna sucks. Her 2016 album, “Anti”, is terrible (the only good track is a cover), as is most of her music. In order to be as big and popular as she is in the pop world, your music has to appeal to the masses — in other words, underage girls trying to sneak into clubs with bogus IDs. Her songs are mediocre time-wasters.

As for her acting — she’s about to be in an all-woman Ocean’s 11 reboot. Need I say more?

She’s also a big LeBron James fan, which is fine. But some actually show up to the NBA Finals to watch the game, not make a ridiculous spectacle. Following the Warriors’ 113-91 win in Game 1 on Thursday, Rihanna got into it with a Warrior fan (or fans) in the hallway afterward. In a bit of heckling fun, the fan reminded her of the score, and Rihanna replied, “Doesn’t matter, bitch. The king is still the king.”

You’re no Bette Davis, Rihanna. You’re just one or two lucky breaks from being a daytime talk show host, so shut it.

But it was actually her antics during the game that cheesed me off the most. During the third quarter, even Rihanna’s limited knowledge of basketball told her that the Warriors were establishing their dominance. So the singer decided it would be a good time to heckle Kevin Durant.

A one point LeBron scored, and Rihanna left her seat and walked down the sideline to bow to him (yecchh). This didn’t sit well with some fans, among them Apple Music senior vice president of Internet software and services Eddie Cue, a fellow courtsider who allegedly told her “Bitch, sit down!”

But later Cue said he wasn’t yelling at Rihanna, but instead someone else he knew a few seats down.

Since Apple Music and Rihanna are effectively in bed together, I’m skeptical.

Anyway, Curry had the best line of the night.