Hey, Internet: Can You Explain Why This Photo Of Chris Rock And Tyson Chandler Is So Funny?

  • Eric Goldschein

Chris Rock is a funny comedian, and usually makes us laugh with his jokes (appearances in garbage films notwithstanding). But this photo of him with Knicks center Tyson Chandler is unintentionally hilarious in a way I can’t understand.

The duo were photographed together at yesterday’s Peace, Love & A Cure Triple Negative Breast Cancer Foundation Benefit in Cresskill, New Jersey. Sounds like a great benefit, and not a laughing matter. But this photo… so funny!

Is it:

-Rock looking like a pixie next to Chandler?
-Chandler’s skinny pants?
-Rock’s expression?
-That they appear to be standing in an Ames room?
-The fact that Chandler is hanging with celebrities rather than playing in the postseason?

I just don’t know. Thoughts, Internet?

[h/t @inLaurasWords]

Photo via Getty