In Which Chris Kaman Gets A Ride On The “Booze Cruise”

  • Tom Lorenzo

We’re not trying to call him out or anything, but it’s not often we see Chicago Bulls power forward Carlos Boozer bring the pain. He tends to post, as they say, a “soft” 18 and 8 each night. Tonight, however, Hornets big man Chris Kaman got a ticket to ride, courtesy of Mr. Boozer. Ride what, exactly? Well the “Booze Cruise,” of course.

You can almost tell this was Boozer’s first rodeo, because he screamed as if he was Blake Griffin tearing off Kendrick Perkins’ head. Sure, the dunk was strong, but really it was “Boozer strong.” If this were a Blake Griffin dunk we’d probably be ho-humming. Then again, Griffin doesn’t have his own nautical nickname for his dunks. So, there’s that.

Yes, Boozer did get a technical foul for screaming at Kaman, but there’s no doubt that it was worth it. It might be some time before we see a scream-worthy dunk coming from Boozer.

[via Get Banged On]