Carlos Boozer’s Hair is Looking Awfully, Well…Fake This Afternoon

  • Glenn Davis

We’d say “poor Carlos Boozer” (since his son’s rooting interests turned him into the butt of jokes everywhere just two weeks ago), but he seems to have brought this one on himself. Leading up to today’s Bulls-Celtics game in Boston, people started noticing that Boozer looked a little…off. Then pictures like the one above from our CJ Fogler and the one below from Tim Burke at Mocksession came out:

…and then it was open season. You had people saying it looked like it was drawn on with a pencil. You had people saying it looked like it was sprayed or painted on. You had people who just wanted to know why Boozer was doing this. Hell, no less than Funkmaster Flex weighed in.

So…was Boozer really faking? Sure looked that way. Here’s how his head normally looks. Here (again, by CJ Fogler) is what it looks like today:

Naturally grown in? We’ll leave that to you, but we, uh, have our doubts.