Carlos Boozer Lands With Lakers, For Some Reason

  • Eric Goldschein

carlos boozerThe Lakers put in the highest bid for Carlos Boozer and officially claimed him today, a few days after he was amnestied by the Bulls. The reasons for this are… unclear.

Sure, the Lakers have to try to be good this year, or else Kobe Bryant will fly into the sun and explode rather than wasting his last two years on a team otherwise headlined by Nick Swaggy P. But Boozer had the worst year of his career last season (13.7 points, 8.3 boards) and he plays the same position as rookie Julius Randle. Boozer wants to play 30 minutes a night. Is that going to happen with the Lakers trying to develop their possible star forward?

Look at this Randle highlight from the Summer League. You gonna sit this guy for the Booz Cruise?

Along with Randle, the Lakers just signed Ed Davis to a two-year deal. And still have Ryan Kelly on the roster. Are they looking to run the ol’ four-power forward set?

Also, I don’t know why this was worth saying:

Boozer was a bench-warmer on that team. He didn’t even play in the gold medal game against Spain. He was a good teammate and all, but this signing does not portend similar results to 2008.

Hopefully Booz grows his hair out in L.A.

Photo via Getty