Carmelo Anthony Makes It Official: He's Back With The Knicks

  • Rick Chandler

We knew this on Saturday, really, but now the man himself has made it official: Carmelo Anthony has made the ultimate sacrifice, you know — for loyalty, and will re-sign with the Knicks for five years and $129 million. This was bigger for Phil Jackson than it was for Knicks fans — if Carmelo bolted, as it looked more and more like he was prepared to do, then Jackson’s cards with the Knicks would have been pretty crappy. Now, he can build around a marquee player.

We’ll miss all the Carmelo rumors to be sure: especially the one that had him heading to the Lakers. I really wish that big free agents could just keep their choices a secret until, like, opening day, and then just appear with their new team.

Anyway though, it’ll be interesting with the Knicks this coming season. Derek Fisher as the new coach, Jackson’s triangle offense in place, and the media and fan scrutiny that comes with the territory.

And … shots fired by the New Orleans’ mascot, or his fan club, whatever.