If You’re Freaking Out About The Knicks, This Carmelo Anthony Clip Should Bring You Back To Earth

  • Eric Goldschein

Wow, would you check out this co-eighth seed in the shitty Eastern Conference? They’ve won five games in a row, including victories against the 76ers and Pistons, so I guess we’re just going to forget about the whole 15-22 thing. They are such a good team now!

Seriously guys, the Knicks are still bottom-feeders when it comes to the NBA at-large. Being the eighth seed (and not even the outright eight — the Nets are in there too) in the East is like being the eighth best sexual deviant in prison.

If you think the Knicks have truly turned a corner, emotionally speaking, just check out the end of Carmelo Anthony’s postgame interview, following an OT win against the Suns:

Aw man, we have to play more basketball tomorrow? We’re in the middle of a winning streak and have to keep this momentum going? I want to win a championship? “Shiiiit.”

New York City hoops, folks.