Carmelo Anthony Is Power Tripping Through This Winning Streak

  • Jake O'Donnell

The Knicks have won seven straight, last night beating the East-leading Indiana Pacers, 92-86. Honestly, it wasn’t even close — thanks in large part to Carmelo’s defensive shutdown of Paul George, who was held to 4-17 shooting on the night. Melo truly looked like a superstar, executing on both ends of the court, on the same night newly anointed president Phil Jackson watched from the stands.

It’s no secret that Phil was brought in to keep Melo in blue and orange — he’s aware of this much — and all this high profile catering has inflated his ego to “fuck you coach” proportions. CASE IN POINT: Anthony felt compelled to tell coach Mike Woodson during a timeout “Let’s just play the fucking game, man,” while he was trying to draw up a play. [Editor’s note: He was possibly talking to someone else (J.R. Smith?) but it’s still poor form to suddenly shout in the middle of a huddle when your coach is talking/trying to do something — not to mention with a camera right there.]

Then he made a pouty face.

Dude, we get that you’re frustrated and averaging 28 ppg on a team that’s fighting for a playoff spot. We get that you’ll hand-pick a coach this offseason. And we get that Woodson isn’t very good at drawing up plays (does he ever draw up plays?) — but have some respect.

Maybe Carmelo’s just pissed that the Knicks are better when he passes and plays defense? Maybe he’s just a dick. Either way, it’s upsetting to watch him shoot down his coach/elder/another-human-being like this…

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