Carmelo Anthony Pretends To Be Made Of Wax, Terrifies Museum Visitors

  • Eric Goldschein

Like Rosa Parks, Ronald Reagan and Spiderman before him, Carmelo Anthony has achieved a level of importance that allowed him to be cast in wax by Madame Tussauds in New York. Now you can meet the approximate wax representation of Carmelo Anthony and say things to his wax face that you would never say to his real face, like, “Pass the rock!” or “We gave up our whole team for you!” To celebrate this momentous occasion, Carmelo pretended to be his own wax figure and scared the shit out of tourists.

It would be very easy to make jokes here like, hey, Carmelo passes in this clip as much as he does during the game. Or, he’s got as much personality as his wax figure. Or, so this is what Carmelo is doing while LeBron is celebrating a championship? But we would never stoop so low as to make those kinds of jokes. We won’t even bring them up.

Video from Knicks Now, via BroBible

Eric Goldschein

Born and raised in Brooklyn, New York, Managing Editor Eric Goldschein was there for the Larry Johnson four-point play and the Jeffrey Maier game. He's a Pitt alum, which means the best part of his college sports experience was tailgating.