Here’s A Pissed Off Carmelo Anthony Waiting At The Celtics Team Bus For Kevin Garnett (Video)

  • Dan Fogarty

Kevin Garnett likes to talk to opposing players on the court. Trash talk is common in the NBA, but the level of meanness KG’s willing to sink to — he once (allegedly!) called Charlie Villanueva, who suffers from alopecia universalis, a “cancer patient” — makes him a unique beast. Last night, during the Celtics’ 102-96 victory in New York, Carmelo Anthony apparently caught the brunt of it.

What was said, we won’t know — maybe, if we’re lucky, we’ll find out 10 years from now — but it was enough to get under ‘Melo’s skin. Really get under his skin.

Under his skin enough so that he went to go find Garnett after the game.

The Knicks forward went toward the Celtics locker room after the game to keep shouting, taking his frustrations from the court right along with him.

Anthony left without talking to reporters, and the Knicks wouldn’t comment on Anthony’s postgame trip in the wrong direction. MSG Network reported the incident, in which security had to step in and send Anthony back in the right direction, as it went to its postgame show.

During that MSG postgame show, numerous Knicks — Tyson Chandler, J.R. Smith, and Steve Novak among them — relayed some form of “I didn’t see anything.” And if they had, they weren’t about to tell reporters.

The Daily News’ Frank Isola reports that Knicks head coach Mike Woodson played peacemaker, and that KG, fresh off of saying some probably-terrible things during the game, was all tuckered out by the time he got to the bus.

Here’s the incident on video. You can see ‘Melo (he’s the rather tall, agitated gent in the red beanie) and Woodson (he’s the much shorter, calmer, fantastically-facial-haired gent in the white shirt) pretty clearly. There’s also a throng of MSG security personnel present, and I spy an NYPD officer or several. Thank goodness for Mike Woodson, and cooler goatees prevailing.