This Photo Of A Guy Recording Carmelo Anthony’s On-Court Conversations Is Not Terrifying At All

  • Glenn Davis

The report yesterday seemed almost too weird to be true: Knicks owner James Dolan made a couple people hold up powerful microphones by the court in an effort to record everything Carmelo Anthony said – and everything that was said to him – in the wake of his one-game suspension following the now-infamous KG brouhaha. But this is James Dolan we’re dealing with, so it was actually too weird to be made up. It happened, and the New York Post today has a photo of one of the guys doing it:

What was the thought process behind all this? “No – the spying alone isn’t creepy enough! Make ’em wear all black, too! What’s that? Do I want them to give dead-eyed vacant stares into the distance? Well, of course I do, now that you say that! Brilliant work, Johnson!”

But hey, maybe we’re exaggerating. Maybe the stare isn’t really so creepy. I mean

OK, well, yeah, it’s unsettling and everything but

It’s just that there are worse things in the world than the face this guy is making and I really think maybe it’s all getting blown out of proportion and

Uh, enjoy that dream come true of playing in the Garden, ‘Melo.

[SB Nation/Andrew Sharp]

Photo by Charles Wenzelberg, for the New York Post