Celtics Kid Throws F-Bomb, Is My Spirit Animal

  • Rick Chandler


This angelic-looking child is hopeful that his Celtics will pull out a victory, and is probably offering a heartfelt prayer to … whoa. We forgot that he’s from Boston (see below).

Celtics kid is every NBA fan whose team lost over the weekend — he speaks for all of us. But all of us were not shown on national TV throwing an F-bomb in a way that leaves little room for interpretation.

I could watch that all day. Or, instead of Wizards-Hawks.

This was shown right after the Bulls’ Jimmy Butler made two free throws to give Chicago a 106-102 lead with 3.3 seconds left at TD Garden.

At school, this kid is now a hero. At home, he does everyone else’s chores for a week. Because with great fame comes great punishment for shaming the family.