Chael Sonnen Calls LeBron James ‘A Dork’

  • Rick Chandler

So if you’re going to have a panel discussion about LeBron James, why not include Chael Sonnen? The most legendary talker in UFC history rarely disappoints, incendiary-quote-wise, so when Showtime host Jim Rome asked his assessment of James, Sonnen unleashed a few barbed arrows. Sonnen:

“I think LeBron’s a dork. He won one world championship, and that was in the Olympic Games. It’s so aggravating to hear a title be called a world championship when it’s only done in America. It’s not a global event where the whole world can participate. You didn’t win a world title. You won a national title.”

Sonnen was on a panel with former Ravens’ linebacker Brendon Ayanbadejo and former NBA player and current San Francisco Bay Area sports media personality Tom Tolbert … and a more unlikely trifecta you will probably never see.

After the “dork” comment, Sonnen soon upped the ante.

TOLBERT: “I’m not sure, dork? How is he a dork?”

SONNEN: “LeBron’s a nerd. There’s only a couple guys where it’s annoying. You got this guy LeBron’s a wimp, you got this nerd Ray Lewis, you know if I saw these guys I’d smack them out of principle.”

Not sure how Ray Lewis even got into the conversation, but OK.

Sonnen was actually supposed to have a fight this Saturday, meeting MaurĂ­cio Rua in a light heavyweight bout at UFC 161 in Winnipeg, Manitoba. But Sonnen had a problem with his visa, so it was called off. Wait, what? If you’re not clever enough to get into Canada, should you be calling anyone names?