Charles Barkley Calls The Pacers ‘Dogs’ And ‘Wussies’ And Things You Can’t Say On TV

  • Eric Goldschein

charles barkleyThe Indiana Pacers sucked it up yesterday, losing to the eighth-seeded Atlanta Hawks on their home court to kick of the 2014 playoffs. The loss wasn’t a surprise, however, since Indiana has been struggling since the All-Star break for reasons no one can truly explain. (Are they tired? Are they scared? Are they lonely? Are they not who thought they were?)

Today, Charles Barkley went off on the Pacers, calling them out for losing one game to a team they’ve struggled against this season. Overreaction? Yeah. But coach Frank Vogel might consider using this as motivational material — it could be the only thing he hasn’t tried yet:

Is the FCC okay with “pussies”? The word, I mean. We’ll never know. Thanks, Charles, for keeping this rant PG. Also, nice suit.