Standing Tall and Talentless: Barkley Rips Into Amar’e For Not Being Good Anymore

  • Jake O'Donnell

Amar’e Stoudemire was once thought to be somewhat of a messiah for the New York Knicks. And while his infamous 5-year, $100 million contract has yielded an obvious upgrade for the historic franchise, his impact cannot be understated. He sucks. He’s sucked for three years now. And he’s being paid handsomely for sucking. It’s a travesty.

Luckily, we have Charles Barkley to say it how it is. Thanks dude, for going on ESPN New York 98.7 and saying what other NBA analysts seem to avoid. Amar’e’s done. Here are some stunning numbers we’ve worked out, paired with Barkley’s candid, gloomy analysis [Via].

– Amar’e Stoudemire will make $21,679,893 this season, which is fourth highest in basketball, behind only Carmelo Anthony, Dirk Nowitzki, and Kobe Bryant.

“When he was younger…He played the game 100 percent on talent. And now he has lost his talent and he is in serious trouble.”

– If he manages to stay “healthy” and plays 10 minutes per game — every game this season — he will make $26,438 per minute.

“You all in trouble with Amar’e.”

– Over the last three season, Amar’e has scored 3207 points as a Knick, and made over $38 million during that period. That works out to $17,041 a point.

“I like Amar’e as a person, but I don’t see him doing anything in the NBA, to be honest with you.”

– He currently averages 3.5 points per game through four contests (he’s only played in two). If he stays of this trajectory and somehow manages to average that over the course of 82 games — he’ll score a total of 287 points this season, which means he’ll be paid $75,539 per point.

“I think he has lost his skill. He lost his talent.”

– Amar’e averages .5 more turnovers than points (four per game — which is more than Eli Manning averages). In 22 minutes this season, Amar’e averages .18 turnovers per minute (time in which he’s being paid roughly $26,438 to help the Knicks not lose control of the basketball).

Oh, and he’s owed $23,410,988 next season. Don’t be surprised if he gets traded and amnestied and never plays another NBA game again. Now go back to your job where you make $14 an hour…