The Charlotte Bobcats Officially Suck Worse Than Any NBA Team In History

  • Dan Fogarty

The Bobcats lost their season finale last night in Charlotte, a 104-84 stinker to the Knicks that was their 23rd consecutive defeat and gave them worst winning percentage in NBA history (.106). They are, going by that very important metric, the worst professional basketball team in history.

Their fans? Not amused.

Look at this guy, who took it upon himself to stand up and yell at Bobcats coach Paul Silas from across the court. The poor bastard had to be restrained by his friends.

The Bobcats weren’t even the good kind of bad. What I mean by that is, there was no excitement around how terrible they were. With most bad teams (think the  2008 Detroit Lions, who went 0-16), there’s a sense of dread for the home city that evolves into rubbernecking in the rest of the country. You want to see just how bad they get. With the Bobcats, we didn’t even get that. There was no pizazz in their lowlights: just one soul-crushing defeat after another. I would even venture to say they weren’t the best bad team to watch in the NBA this season: that distinction belonged to the JaVale-McGee-era Wizards (love you, JaVale).

Last night, they went out with a whimper. Which is the only way they could’ve gone out. Here’s a play that pretty much sums it up: