The Bobcats Are The Hornets Again, Which Means Their Awesome Purple And Teal Uniforms Might Return. Which Reminds Us, This 1988 Uniform Reveal Video Is Fantastic.

  • Matt Rudnitsky

The Charlotte Bobcats will not be an awful basketball team in 2014. Not because, like, they got good players and stuff, though. Becuase they’re changing their name back to the Charlotte Hornets. And because they are doing this, there is speculation that they will bring back their legendary purple, teal and white jerseys. If the Bobnets management is smart, they will do this. (So they probably won’t do this.)

SI‘s Point Forward evaluated the speculation and brought this video to our attention, as we directed you to in our roundup yesterday. But it’s entertaining enough for its own post. Here you go:

Jimmy didn’t know that Jerry Seinfeld played for the Hornets!

[TBJ, via Point Forward]