Check Out The View From Andre Iguodala’s New Bay Area Pad

  • Eric Goldschein

bay area andre iguodalaAs if moving from a disintegrating contender (the Nuggets) to a young, exciting team on the rise (the Warriors) wasn’t enough, Andre Iguodala also gets to live here: a fantastic, 5,000 square foot home in Berkeley, CA with a view to die for — or, perhaps, to live for, because I’d rather look at this view than be dead.

The Mediterranean-style home features five bedrooms, five bathrooms and a chef’s kitchen, but the likely selling point for this place is the view. Each of the house’s three floors have balconies that give unobstructed views of the Bay Bridge and the water. Why doesn’t everybody in the world live here?

Oh, right, because it costs $1.84 million.


[Neil J. Leitereg]