Chelsea Handler Flirts With Chandler Parsons Under The Assumption That He Has Two Penises

  • Jake O'Donnell

Diphalia (n.) – A rare medical condition characterized by one person having two penises. When Chelsea Handler speculated on Chandler Parson’s penis count, what she meant to say was that he probably suffers from triorchidism (three testicles). Easy mistake — we make it all the time. Her point was that some athletes believe sex lowers their testosterone levels, eliminating the chief hormone responsible for their competitiveness.

Of course, maybe she was just trying to talk about the guy’s dick because she thinks he’s a #sexybasketballplayer. Who knows.

(On a related note, Chandler & Handler could easily be a late-seventies buddy cop show. It’s not. It’s a single episode of a talk show where a woman asks a basketball player how many dicks he has.)

We assume Parson’s went on the Chelsea Lately program to promote the upcoming FIBA World Basketball Championships, which begin with a few warm-up games stateside before kicking off in Spain on August 30th. Unfortunately, that’s not what we’re taking away from their little talk. Instead, we’re running with the “Chandler Parsons did not deny that he has two penises so, therefore, it must be true.”