Chris Bosh Gets Mad At Call, Incidentally Spits On Court, Spawns Fantastic GIF

  • Matt Rudnitsky

Chris Bosh, a modern science marvel as the last great hope for dinosaurs to repopulate Earth, is a GIF machine. He is a good, albeit inconsistent basketball player, but most of his value for SportsGrid comes from his GIFs. “ChrisBoshAccidentallySpitting.GIF” sounds like a pipe dream, but then you remember that he’s Chris Bosh. Anything is possible.

He achieved this feat last night, as his Miami Heat fell to the San Antonio Spurs in Game 5 of the NBA Finals.

Chris Bosh Spit Argue GIF

The Boshosaurus doesn’t take kindly to poor officiating. Contrary to popular belief, the dinosaurs only became extinct because of Tim Donaghy’s asshattery.