Let’s All Take A Moment To Appreciate Chris Bosh’s Champagne Celebration

  • Glenn Davis

Most of the talk this morning is about LeBron James. That’s as it should be. He’s the Heat’s best player, the NBA’s best player, and he just capped off his career’s crowning achievement in style. But the other guys on the Heat who made the franchise’s second title possible shouldn’t be forgotten, either.

Guys like Chris Bosh. The time he missed with an abdominal strain during the playoffs showed how much better the Heat are with him than without, and he came up big in the clincher with 24 points and seven rebounds. Bosh, of course, gets made fun of a ton basically just for existing, so he deserves his moment to celebrate as much as anyone. And so he celebrated. Oh, did he celebrate:

In addition to being a key player for the Heat, Bosh has been a consistent source of entertainment for us throughout this season thanks to his finely-honed interview trolling skills. This celebration is right up there with the best of the trolling. There were high hopes for his celebration last night, and he went out and exceeded them. On the court and for amusement purposes, the man delivers. Here’s the champagne shower in gif form, if you can’t get enough (and how could you get enough, really?):

I think – and certainly hope – I speak for everyone when I say: Chris Bosh, you are a great American, never change, and thank you for being you.