Chris Bosh Celebrates The Birth of His Child With… Another Videobomb

  • Glenn Davis

Chris Bosh had a really good day yesterday. Early on, his wife gave birth to the couple’s first child, son Jackson. And later, he made it back to New York to play against the Knicks in Game 3 of the Heat’s first-round playoff series against the Knicks – a game the Heat won 87-70, with Bosh contributing nine points and 10 rebounds. That’s a hell of a day – Bosh called it his best ever. How do you celebrate a day like that? If you’re Chris Bosh, there’s only one way to celebrate it, and you can find it at the 2:05 mark below:

We warned a couple days ago that Bosh has actually gotten too good at creepily videobombing, and must be stopped before his operation spirals totally out of control. But last night – though this was, as usual, creepy – was Bosh’s night. You do you, Chris. You do you. Besides, if he keeps doing it this often, the move will eventually lose its impact, and then we’ll all have nothing to worry about anyway.

[h/t Reddit]