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Chris Bosh Can Troll Just As Well From The Bench

  • Glenn Davis

We’ve talked a lot this NBA season about Chris Bosh’s penchant for trolling by sneaking up on people and making weird faces, primarily during postgame interviews. And in the playoffs, he’d raised it to an art form.

But then, he got hurt. He hasn’t played since early in the conference semifinals against the Pacers. Basketball-wise, it was a big loss for the Heat, who now find themselves tied with the Celtics in the conference finals at two games apiece. But one also has to wonder: set aside basketball for a second; is Bosh’s trolling game getting rusty with all that time off? Perhaps this clip from last night’s game will help answer that question:

And… no. No, Bosh’s trolling game is not getting rusty. If anything, it’s getting even better. So if Bosh comes back for Game 5 like it’s being reported he will: be afraid, America, for Trollmaster Bosh appears ready to return with a vengeance.

Screengrab by @jose3030.