Did Chris Bosh Flop Horrendously Against The Bulls Last Night?

  • Glenn Davis

Midway through the second quarter of the Bulls’ 93-89 win over the Heat last night, Chris Bosh dramatically fell to the ground while defending Carlos Boozer. Boozer picked up a foul. The only issue: replays made it look like Bosh got the call through some of the finest acting we’ve seen.

The Chicago crowd made up its mind quickly that Bosh flopped…and it was hard to blame them. On the replay, it looked like if there was any contact between Boozer and Bosh, it was minimal – yet there was Bosh not only falling to the ground, but staying down. And staying. And staying. not helping Bosh’s case was announcer Reggie Miller saying, “This is all about selling it.”

Then, though, after yet more replays, the announcing team decided that Boozer actually had hit Bosh in the nose with his elbow – albeit inadvertently. Still, if there was indeed contact, you’ll notice a lag time between said contact and Bosh’s fall – and again, we’re having a tough time believing he needed to recover on the ground for as long as he did. And even after he was convinced Boozer and Bosh actually made contact, Miller kept talking about “selling.”

Video below, and if you believe there’s karmic retribution for flopping, all the more reason to believe Bosh “sold it” a little too hard last night: he had an absolutely nightmarish game overall, shooting 1-18 from the field.