Chris Bosh’s Trolling Skills Are Scary Good At This Point

  • Glenn Davis

This is getting serious, people. This season, Chris Bosh has made an occasional habit of videobombing postgame interviews, especially those featuring LeBron James. (LeBron’s even started to get in on the action himself.) It’s been a harmless, fun subplot to the Heat’s season – but we’re afraid it’s taken a sinister turn. Somewhere along the line, Bosh got too good at trolling. No longer is he just barging in, making a funny face and/or cursing and giving us all a good laugh. Now, he’s practically straight out of a horror film. Don’t believe us? Witness what he did after the Heat’s win last night:

Hey, we used to love all this as much as anyone – finally, Bosh was getting to make the joke rather than be the joke. With the amount the guy gets ripped on, he’d earned that and more. But now he’s gone too far. He’s abused his power. He’s a troll on the level of weev now, and he must be stopped. You think it can’t get any creepier than that video above? Well, check out the gif version, by Got ’em Coach:

Terrifying. And it may be just the beginning. Therein lies the true terror – not knowing what could be next. We have no idea what types of videobombing Bosh is capable of now. May we never find out.