Chris Bosh Went To India And He Took The NBA Championship Trophy With Him [SLIDESHOW]

  • Zach Berger

Chris Bosh is India. He learned about their food. He shopped in some markets. He did some sightseeing. He was a temporary guest editor at the Times of India. (Seriously.) He announced some sort of basketball festival/tournament thingy that will happen in India. It seems he was just being an ambassador of the sport of basketball to a country where it’s rising in popularity.

But the best part of Bosh’s trip to India isn’t the hilarity of his giant, dinosaur-looking self trying to promote basketball to the natives. The best part is that they let him take the NBA Championship Trophy with him.

Check out some of our favorite pictures from NBA’s coverage of the Bosh trip:


At least he didn’t go to North Korea and try to negotiate with Kim Jong Un. It would be really weird if a basketball player tried to do anything like that.