Chris Bosh Worked On His Photobombing This Offseason, Comes Back Rejuvenated

  • Jake O'Donnell

The Miami Heat handled the Derrick Rose and his Chicago Bulls last night like they were the Milwaukee Bucks. An impressive side note about the win, was that the Heat managed to hold Bulls Center, Joakim Noah, to two points — when going into the night, everyone expected big games from the big guys in red (though PF Boozer did end up with a game high 31 points).

But by far, the best moment for a big last night, was when Christopher Wesson Bosh managed to snag two critical photobombs in the final moments after the game had finished. Were it not for these gutsy plays, the weirdest part of last night’s game would have been Craig Sager’s suit. BORING!

H/T Shelsy