Chris Brown’s Alley-Oop Dish To John Wall Makes Basketball Look Easy

  • Eric Goldschein

Question: Should the Wizards sign Chris Brown for next season? The answer, of course, is no. But the thought has to cross your mind for a moment after the watching singer/rapper/dancer/loose cannon run the break and hit John Wall for an alley-oop.

This was the Drew League in Los Angeles, so the sub-par talent playing lazy transition defense has something to do with Mr. Brown getting down the court untouched. And that pass? Something with that much hang time would undoubtedly be intercepted by any NBA-caliber defender. But for a few seconds, Chris Brown got to live an incredible dream. How many people can say they tossed an alley-oop to John Wall and set the building on fire? Not very many Wizards players, that’s for sure.

John Wall must be pretty happy as well. Instead of doing something boring and lame like playing basketball with old people (the Spurs), nerdy hipsters (the Thunder), more old people (the Celtics) or a bunch of whiners (you know who), he’s throwing down reverse alley-oops with famous musical felons. Now that’s how you spend your summer.

h/t BroBible