Chris Paul Didn’t Like Pau Gasol Touching His Hair

  • Dan Fogarty

Pau Gasol and Chris Paul got into it a little bit at the end of tonight’s Lakers/Clippers game, a game which the Lakers won, 96-91. And like the cool kid hyping up his not-as-cool friend, Kobe Bryant was chirping in Pau’s ear all the way.

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It all started near the end of regulation, with the game already decided. Paul approached Gasol, who had just been fouled, and tried to knock the ball out of his hands. Players sometimes do that when they’re frustrated. A seemingly amused Gasol then offered up the ball, and when Paul refused, Gasol little brother’d him, trying to play with his hair/tap him on the head, a demeaning thing to do to another guy (particularly when you’re a foot taller than that other guy, and there’s a bunch of people watching). CP3, as one would assume, did not take the attempted punking lightly.

Lakers and Clippers sure looked like an actual rivalry tonight. Video of Pau and Paul’s almost-confrontation, here.